[mythtv-users] BBC HD on Freesat

John reidjr at btconnect.com
Sat May 10 10:38:04 UTC 2008

Robert wrote:
> John Taylor wrote:
>> whoops, cat pressed send button before finishing!
>>> Now that freesat has been launched here in the UK, it's time to work
>>> exactly what we need to watch it!
>>> It seems BBC HD is broadcast in MPEG4 (H.264,ts) at around 16259kbps
>>> video, 256kbps audio
>>> It seems the internal player is unable to play this. I have /just/
>>> about managed to play it dropping frames (-lavdopts
>>> skiploopfilter=all) with mplayer and the latest ffmpeg
>>> My set up
>> AMS Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ CPU
>> 2GB RAM
>> Gainward GeForce 8600GTS video card
>> Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
>> 1 core is constantly around 95%, doesn't matter if I try to play it
>> multithreaded as the video stream and/or ffmpeg doesn't support this
>> (the core being used for decoding just alternates)
>> It's my impression the problem is with ffmpeg from reading various
>> mailing lists. Is there anyone trying to get HD H.264 working well in
>> the UK?
>> Thanks
>> John
> My dual core AMD Athlon 64 4200+ with 2Gb RAM, Gentoo, Geforce 7600GS 
> NVidia graphics card running just as a frontend (backend is over a 100Mb 
> LAN) using the nvidia binary drivers will just about play it.  It has 
> the occasional glitch but nothing major.
> I'm running the latest 0.21.xxx Mythtv (not svn).  I had to fiddle 
> around with the playback profiles a bit to make it work.  I changed my 
> settings to just have one playback profile (so I could be sure which on 
> was getting used!) that uses the standard decoder, 2 CPUS, xv-blit and 
> the softblend osd renderer.
> I find that if I have anything else running, even de-niced processes (I 
> normally have boinc running) then it can't cope.
> Robert.
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Do a check of the archives, This has all been covered.

If you are running 0.21-fixes ( or even 0.21) then multi-core is 
working, so you should not be seeing the alternating core usage you used 
to get.
Go to Setup -> tv settings -> playback -> playback profiles and make 
sure you have cpu = no cores you have.

All the other fixes went into 0.21 for smooth BBC-HD. I have posted 
several times detailing performance and CPU requirements. In short you 
probably need a 2.4G core2duo to run BBC-HD smoothly with the default 
0.21 code configured correctly. If you patch to turn off the deblocking 
filter, you can get away easily with the slowest core2duos (well at 
least a e4300 / dual 1.8GHz)

Hope that helps.


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