[mythtv-users] Pentium M laptop as frontend for HDTV?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri May 9 21:02:59 UTC 2008

Scott D. Davilla wrote:
>> My 1.7GHz Pentium-M cross-test hardware is actually using a nvidia
>> pci-e card, the on-board video is the Intel 910GM or 915GM (can't
>> remember offhand). If I get some time, I can try this with the newer
>> intel driver and see. I need to update that box to the new Mythbuntu
>> release anyway. It would be an interesting experiment as reports are
>> not clear if XvMC under Intel video chipsets is a viable solution.
> Just an update, I yanked the nvidia card from my 1.7GHz Pentium-M ITX 
> system. This is 915GM chipset now using the on-board Intel video. 
> System RAM is 1GB.
> Straight Mythbuntu 8.04 install using it's standard intel X11 driver. 
> In other words, very plain jane.
> Using "Slim" playback profile. 1080i decode and display onto a 
> 1024x768 LCD using VGA output. Top shows about 78 percent cpu going 
> to Mythfrontend and Xorg. The Intel X11 drive is not the current 
> version and cannot do XvMC but from the cpu usage, a 1.7GHz cpu with 
> a Intel 915GM chipset seems quite capable of 1080i decode and display.

So now go grab the intel-2.3.0 version driver and build it and see what 
you get with xvmc running.

It does work!


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