[mythtv-users] HD Card Suggestions

Peter A. Daly petedaly at gmail.com
Thu May 8 20:45:24 UTC 2008

I'm getting ready to build a new MythTV system and write an article
about the process and hardware for MythPVR.com.

Currently, I don't have any TV's that can display HD.  My current
system uses a PVR-350 hooked up to a digital converter box and IR
blaster.  I'm very happy with end result.

For the new system, I'd like to have a "native" HD card, but I want to
be able to playback on my non-HD sets without transcoding after
capture.  Is there a HD card that is supported by MythTV that can do
real-time downscaling to SD resolution, similar to my digital
converter box?

On a (very low) budget, are there any things in-particular people
would like to see covered, either hardware, process, software, or
content wise?  I've already got a rough idea in mind for my plans, but
I'd love some input on what others want to see.

End result on MythPVR.com will be somewhat similar to the following,
which is the box I plan to replace:

Thanks for any input, I'd hate to do the external digital converted
option if something else makes more sense.


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