[mythtv-users] converting a .20.2 database to .21

Fred Squires fsquires at gmail.com
Wed May 7 18:24:12 UTC 2008

On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 2:02 PM, scram69 <scram69 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm thinking through my usual procedure for upgrading my backend
> distro, and I believe I've run up against a problem.
> In the past, I've installed a newly released version of Ubuntu on a
> separate partition on my OS drive.  Once I have Myth installed and the
> OS is tweaked the way I like, I boot back to the old partition, dump
> mythconverge, reboot to the new partition, load up mythconverge, and
> off I go.
> However, the latest version of Ubuntu (8.04), installs Myth 0.21.  I'm
> guessing that I can't just load up the database that I dump from
> 0.20.2 running under 7.10 into 0.21.
> I understand that if I were to simply point to backports and upgrade
> to 0.21 under 7.10, part of the process would convert my 0.20.2
> database to 0.21.  Does anyone know of a way I can do this as a
> stand-alone procedure?  i.e. backup my 0.20.2 database, run a
> conversion script on it, and then point my 0.21 installation at it?

That's basically how I did it, but I upgraded from Fedora 5 to 8.
MythTV will upgrade your database when you run mythtvsetup.

It was supposed to be so Easy.

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