[mythtv-users] Migrating my mythtv setup to HD

Misty P mistyp at thekorn.net
Mon May 5 22:32:00 UTC 2008

Emery Guevremont wrote:
> My (potentially) next purchase:
> Now I've been thinking on getting an HDHomerun for capturing, but I
> still need a way to view my HD recording on my TV.
> My questions:
> What would be the cheapest way on doing this?

(imho imho imho)

The cheapEST way would be two HVR-950s or HVR-1250s (figure $50-65 each), 
plus an nvidia card that does XvMC ($30).  Assuming your machine has enough 
usb/pcie slots to support them, of course.

If that doesn't work for you, then the next cheapest route is the HVRs on 
the backend, plus a UPnP front end that does high def.  I bought my ZyXEL 
for $100 with a rebate, $150 is the regular daily price.

A lot of people like the HDHR, but I just don't like throwing traffic on my 
network that I don't believe HAS to be there.  Add in that dual hauppauges 
are cheaper, and the HDHR was a non-starter for me.

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