[mythtv-users] Who needs to worry about copyright? CoreAVC forLinux removed from Google Code

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Mon May 5 19:09:38 UTC 2008

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> For all the concerns over hard-nosed stances over integrating technologies
> into MythTV, this comes across the news today:
> http://www.news.com/8301-13580_3-9935786-39.html
> Kevin
> ------------------------------
>     Quote I Just read on corecodec.com forums.
>     " In the end the counsels advise on what we were to do was out of
> scope (including copyright) when we looked at all the great feedback
> everyone has provided us. The DMCA does allow for reverese engineering for
> compatibilty purposes and hence in the end no matter what the 'other points'
> are the DMCA takedown request was wrongly sent.
> Alan has been great about this and we are now working with him now on
> making his new version compatible with CoreAVC v1.7."
> _______________________________________________

I dont get it.  they aren't using any  proprietary code but they are still
infringing on the DMCA for trying to reverse engineer it.   BS!  This is pry
a plot from Blu Ray Disc Association to try to control next gen movies by
strong arming groups like this....truely a shame, o well now it will just
take extra time but it will happen.  lol

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