[mythtv-users] Channel Scanning From Firewire box?

Norm mlists at dressler.ca
Mon May 5 15:37:15 UTC 2008

I have setup a firewire connection to my cable box and it works fairly

There are some oddities - like if I tune into a channel that does not
transmit over firewire, it will kill my firewire connection.

Typically, I have to unload the firewire modules, reload them and then I
would be good to go.  

I have my channel listings downloaded via scheduledirect.  What I would
like to do at this point though, is remove the channels that do not come
over the firewire.  Some of them are fairly odd - like some locals or
the Weather Network.

Does anyone have a scanner or perl script that would step through the
channels and test for a firewire connection?  If not, I suppose with
tools out there like firewire_tester and test_mpeg it wouldn't be that


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