[mythtv-users] Untraceable error message from Mythfilldatabase

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon May 5 00:39:04 UTC 2008

On 05/04/2008 08:25 PM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> On 05/04/2008 03:07 AM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
>>> Somehow Mythfilldatabase has become borken in the last few days.
>>> It runs, but reports near the end:
>> ...
>>> 2008-05-04 02:41:24.845 DataDirect, Error: GrabData: Creating temp post file
>>> 2008-05-04 02:41:24.845 Encountered error in grabbing data.
>>> 2008-05-04 02:41:24.845
>>> It *appears* that either mysql or datadirect.cpp has a permissions 
>>> problem. I had not changed any permissions for mysql. In fact, the only 
>>> change was to update the SVN level a few days ago, which is when mfdb 
>>> started to fail.
>>> I grep'ed around and found that this is from /libs/libmyth/datadirect.cpp.
>>> That file has tmpdir hardwired as "/tmp" and datadirect.cpp tries to 
>>> create temporary subfolders under /tmp. I chowned and chgrped /tmp to 
>>> mysql in an attempt to fix things but still got the error. I chmod'ed to 
>>> 777: no joy.
>> Unless you're running mythbackend as the mysql user, that's the wrong 
>> user.  However, you really want /tmp owned by root.  The following 
>> should fix it (right, even):
>> sudo chown root:root /tmp
>> sudo chmod 1777 /tmp
>> Also, make sure you have sufficient free space on the partition that 
>> includes /tmp (this doesn't take /that/ much space, but if the partition 
>> were full, ...).
> Thanks Mike. Not full: that's one of the first things I thought of, 
> having been tagged with a full /var/log partition.
> Mythbackend is started as a service...therefore actually root. But the 
> daily mfdb 'runs but did not insert...'.
> I tried mfdb from a terminal, as *root*, using many variants of:
> /tmp as root:root
> /tmp as mysql:mysql
> both with chmod 666 and 777
> then with datadirect.cpp changed to make tmpdir="/tmp/mysql"
> and with new subdir /tmp/mysql owned by mysql:mysql and set as 777

Did you do the "chmod 1777 /tmp" (yes, that 1 /should be/ there--it's 
actually critical, not a typo--and is probably the missing piece).


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