[mythtv-users] Commercials are never detected

Gordon McLellan gordonthree at gmail.com
Sun May 4 13:38:19 UTC 2008

I'm having the same issue with a 'recent' upgrade to 0.21.

My jobs are setup to first commflag, and then transcode.   Commflag
runs but does not flag any commercials, nor does it fail or bail with
any errors, it completes finding 0 breaks.

Transcode runs as normal and crushes the mpeg2 down into a friendly
sized mpeg4, with the commercials intact.

My database checks out, mysqlcheck found no problems, and neither did
the optimize_db script.   Running mythcommflag on the cli with verbose
turned on yields pages and pages of log, but I don't see anything
complaining.  When it finishes, breaks are found as expected.  The
same thing happens if I a commflag job from the front end, before
watching a recording ... commercial skipping then works fine.

[root at mythserver ~]# mythcommflag -v all,nodatabase,notimestamp  -f
1059_20080502093800.nuv --hogcpu

(this is just the end of the log)
2008-05-04 09:28:24.666 Final Commercial Break Map
2008-05-04 09:28:24.677 JobQueue: ChangeJobStatus(317, Finished,
'Finished, 3 break(s) found.')
2008-05-04 09:28:24.679 write ->  7 33      MESSAGE[]:[]RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE
2008-05-04 09:28:24.679 read  <-  7 2       OK
2008-05-04 09:28:24.679 ~VideoOutputNull()
2008-05-04 09:28:24.680 MythSocket(1fdfbf0:6): socket is readable
2008-05-04 09:28:24.680 MythSocket(1fdfbf0:6): cb->readyRead()
2008-05-04 09:28:24.680 read  <-  6 51
2008-05-04 09:28:24.681 MythEvent: RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE
2008-05-04 09:28:24.688 MythSocket(1fe0130:7): DownRef: -1
2008-05-04 09:28:24.688 MythSocket(1fe0130:7): state change Connected -> Idle
2008-05-04 09:28:24.688 MythSocket(1fe0130:-1): delete socket
2008-05-04 09:28:24.688 MythSocket(1fdfbf0:6): DownRef: 0
2008-05-04 09:28:24.688 MythSocket(1fdfbf0:6): DownRef: -1
2008-05-04 09:28:24.688 MythSocket(1fdfbf0:6): state change Connected -> Idle
2008-05-04 09:28:24.688 MythSocket(1fdfbf0:-1): delete socket

Finished commercial break flagging at Sun May  4 09:28:24 2008

2008-05-04 09:28:24.690 MythSocket: readyread thread exit

I don't know if it matters or not, but --hogcpu really speeds things
up.  Commflag typically runs at 60-70fps when called by the backend
but running it as root on the cli it ran at 1200+ fps.

Anything else I should try?


On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 8:17 AM, George Mari
<george_mythusers at mari1938.org> wrote:
> > From: beww at beww.org
>  > To: lynx44 at u.washington.edu; mythtv-users at mythtv.org
>  > Date: Sat, 3 May 2008 18:33:58 -0600
>  > Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Commercials are never detected
>  >
>  >
>  > On May 3, 2008, at 6:26 PM, Matt Clifton wrote:I'm running .21 and none of the commercials in any of my shows are ever detected. Back when I was running 20.2 it worked great. When I look at MythWeb it appears that the job was ran and completed fine. I have "All Available Methods" selected and "Strict Commercial Detection" turned off. Out of probably the 50 shows I've recorded so far not one has had a single commercial detected. I tried searching on Google and on this list but I couldn't find anyone with a similar problem. Any ideas?
>  >
>  >
>  > Are they not being detected or are they not being skipped when played back, even though they were detected.
>  > When you go into edit mode, do you see breaks marked on the timeline?
>  > Have you tried turning strict detection on?
>  > beww
>  >
> > Matt Clifton wrote:
>  > They aren't being detected at all. Shows that were flagged before I started having this problem still skip commercials fine. Oddly, when I hit "z" when playing back a problem recording it says "Not flagged" although when highlighting the show in the recordings section, it has the icon that shows it has been flagged. In mythweb after the the flagging job has run it always says "0 commercial breaks found." I have not tried turning on "Strict Commercial Detection" because I'm under the impression that it typically would find less commercials when thats on (if the flagging was working in the first place). I can try turning it on if that might make a difference.
>  >
>  1. Make sure your database is not corrupt.  Run mysqlcheck against it.
>  2. Try running mythcommflag from the command line with a verbose
>  debugging level against one of your problem recordings, and see what
>  it's complaining about.
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