[mythtv-users] Can i play an entire directory with just one click?

Scott Harris mythtv at webhounds.net
Fri May 2 21:05:59 UTC 2008

John Veness wrote:
> Marcos Ramírez wrote:
>>    Hi,
>>  I want to play an entire directory of videos (no TV recordings, Videos,
>>  exactly, downloaded TV Shows), with "one click", and also, i want to "skip"
>>  chapters, using the FFW button, is that possible? how? :)
>>  Regards
> I'm afraid there is no playlist-type functionality in MythVideo. The 
> nearest you will get is the thing where you can configure a particular 
> video to follow after each video (intended where a movie is split into 
> two or more parts, I believe).
> John

I wanted the same thing for The Simpsons.  I ripped all the seasons
to small videos and then just manually added them to myth with
myth.rebuilddatabase.pl.  From that point I just add the entire
group to the playlist.  Kind of a PITA, but once all the videos are 


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