[mythtv-users] custom mytharchive recording profile

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Fri May 2 18:01:26 UTC 2008

I've been playing a bit with mytharchive, and have been pretty happy with the 
results.  However, I'm trying to make a custom recording profile, and would 
like a few more details.

I've copied ffmpeg_dvd_ntsc.xml in to .mythtv/MythArchive/

I've added the following profile in the hopes of creating a good 3 hour/dvd 
option.  It's basically a copy of the EP profile, except for the bitrate 
and -b options.  These are the averages of the SP and the EP values.

        <description>Mark's custom play profile giving approx. 3 hour of video 
on a single layer DVD</description>
        <parameter name="-v"      value="1"/>
        <parameter name="-i"      value="%inputfile"/>
        <parameter name="-r"      value="ntsc"/>
        <parameter name="-target" value="dvd"/>
        <parameter name="-b"      value="3557k"/>
        <parameter name="-s"      value="352x480"/>
        <parameter name="-acodec" value="ac3"/>
        <parameter name="-ab"     value="192k"/>
        <parameter name="-ac"     value="2"/>
        <parameter name="-copyts" value=""/>
        <parameter name="-aspect" value="%aspect"/>
        <parameter name=""        value="%outputfile"/>

When I try to select 3 hours of video using these options, I get a DVD size of 
4679 Mb, just a little too big.  Can I just drop the bitrate and the -b by 5 
percent and cross my fingers?  What is the relationship between the two?

I understand that the -b parameter is the video bitrate passed to ffmpeg, but 
what is the bitrate at the top used for?  Why is it so much lower?


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