[mythtv-users] PVR-350 Strangeness

Arpotu arpotu at apathynews.com
Fri May 2 03:36:38 UTC 2008

> On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 11:03 PM, Arpotu <arpotu at apathynews.com> wrote:
>> All,
>>  I have run MythTV 0.21 on my new Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop for about a week
>> now,
>>  while I waited for my PVR-350 to arrive.  Well, it came in today, I
>> hooked
>>  it up, and after a few gyrations it is working - kind of.
>>  I can use "mplayer /dev/video0" to display the video, but nothing else
works with it - MythTV, tvtime, etc, etc... are a no-go.  I can even
do the "cat /dev/video0 > blah.mpg", and I get a playable mpeg.
>>  tvtime complains with:
>>  ivtv: invalid argument
>>  Cannot open capture device /dev/video0
>>  ...but I believe ivtv is working properly since I can "cat to an mpeg"
without errors.
>>  When I click "Watch TV", the MythTV menus just "blip" for second then
>> it
>>  returns to the menu.
>>  Ideas?  Surely someone has seen this before.
> Permissions on the device node? Are you testing with mplayer as root?
> John

Nope, X display wouldn't work properly if I were (without some mods).  I'm
catting the test.mpg (and testing mplayer) as my regular user id.

I'm certain that if I can solve the tvtime problem, it will also solve the
MythTV problem (and vice versa).. maybe I need to strace it o.O ...


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