[mythtv-users] Mytv Unreliable

Tim Sawyer mythtv at calidris.co.uk
Tue Mar 25 22:23:28 UTC 2008

Hi Folks,

I have a combined front end / back end, nvidia graphics card, Athlon 64 X2 
4400, Nova T-500 dual DVB-T tuner card, 1Gb RAM.  Root filesystem on a 
different disk to the recorded programmes.

I was ready to junk mythtv this time last week and go back to using a normal 
shop-bought digibox. The problems I was having were:

- live TV jerky
- recorded programs playback blurred in fast pans (particularly noticable on 
programme credits)
- unreliability in recording, some tuners just wouldn't record programmes, so 
when I came to look at the list of recorded programmes, there would be some 
where it couldn't find the file, and there would be no picture in mythweb.  
Sometimes the back end process would fail for some reason and then next time 
I looked at the recorded programmes list it would tell me that the back end 
was not running.

I have since upgraded to 0.21 which fixed the first two of these problems.  TV 
quality is now excellent, both in live TV and playing back existing 

However, I've just been bitten by the second problem.  Only one of today's 
recordings has actually recorded - the rest, mythtv thinks they've been 
recorded, but there is no file on disk.

I have a strong signal, which is split between TV and myth box using a Y 
connector.  Normal analogue TV in this configuration is snowy, but digital is 
ok.  Signal strength reported in the OSD is 58-62% ish.  I have three virtual 
tuners on each physical one.

Just tried going to live TV, and it couldn't lock into the channel before the 
timeout.  I rebooted the box, and it suddenly could lock in.  The box has 
only been up since yesterday evening when I upgraded to 0.21 and then 

Am I going to have a script a nightly reboot (windows!?) or does anyone have a 
clue where I should start looking?



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