[mythtv-users] what is the memory requirements of MythTV on Fedora 8

Miroslav Suchý miroslav at suchy.cz
Sun Mar 16 05:59:13 UTC 2008

mtrax11 napsal(a):
> I have 512Mb and the swap file seems to show about 100mb , which I assume
> that I'm reaching the top of available phyiscal memory.. assuming that I can
> get 2x512mb or should I just goto 2x1Gb DDR sticks

Using of swap file is not bad thing per se. Swapping happened even if 
your memory is not full. If some memory is not used for very long, it 
got swapped just to free some memory to be ready if some process need 
more space.
512MB is fine, but mine system (Debian) use 612MB. So 2*512 should be 
enough for everybody (tm). 2*1Gb is IMO overkill.

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