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Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 08:35:40 UTC 2008

Mario Limonciello wrote:
> Bill Williamson wrote:
> As expected this is going to be a source of confusion.
> There has to be a balance chosen.  Yes 0.21-fixes is a fixes branch, but 0.20.2
> shipped with 7.10.  It's either force everyone using that branch to switch to
> 0.21, or let them stay on a "stable" 0.20.2.
> There have been no updates to the "fixes" branch because nothing has been
> committed to 0.20.2.  It seemed silly to keep pushing updates when the focus was
> only on 0.21 for the last few weeks.
> So here is the entire plan for 0.21+:
> 1) Get it in hardy (done)
> 2) Get it on the mythbuntu-trunk branch so that people on 0.20.2 who were using
> the -fixes branch don't need to switch
> 3) Get an official backport into gutsy backports
> 4) Once this backport is active, the mythbuntu-trunk branch will start to track
> trunk again
> 5) No more -fixes for the rest of gutsy.
> 6) -fixes will resume for hardy with release-0-21-fixes.
> That sound sane?
Here's an update for where things are:

1) Get it in hardy (done)
2) Add to mythbuntu-trunk repo temporarily (done)
2.2) Add DVD fix to hardy (done)
3) Get the official backport in gutsy (this includes the DVD fix) (done)

So now that the backport is available, the trunk repo is going to resume
tracking "trunk" this weekend.  If you are using it and don't want to be on
trunk, be sure to disable it.  Builds for hardy will start as soon as hardy is
released, and will open with both release-0-21-fixes and trunk builds.

Mario Limonciello
mario.mailing at gmail.com

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