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Sat Jun 21 03:26:05 UTC 2008

"Per channel - Setup->TV Settings->Recording Priorities->Channel
Priorities can be useful if you believe that you prefer any of the
shows on certain channels. This would give all shows on a channel an
advantage by default.

Input preference (Input Priority)-- in the MythTV back-end setup
program, the "Input Connections" section allows you to add additional
priority in the "Input preference". Hi-light the connection and press
the enter key. This is simply another priority factor but has an
interesting effect. If a card input has a higher value than the other
cards, the scheduler will see that you would rather record showings of
episodes on this card rather than a showing on another card. If you
have cards of different quality, you may want to set input preference
to encourage the scheduler to record shows on your best card(s)
whenever possible. If you have multiple back-ends you need to do this
on each back-end. "


Nick Morrott

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