[mythtv-users] Antenna attenuator question

Alen Edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Mon Jun 30 19:55:51 UTC 2008

> I may try the re-aiming
> approach after all.  I am beginning to think I have some multi-path
> problems now that the antenna is on the roof, and that is what is giving
> me the problems with NBC. 
I would not think that the problem because you said that when you 
unplugged the power supply for the amplifier the signal was OK.  The 
amplifier is not going to make the multipath worse.

If you happen to have some extra splitters around, you can use them as 
attenuators.   They will drop about 3.5dB each for a 2-way splitter.  If 
might be worth putting one in and seeing if it changes at all.


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