[mythtv-users] Mac Frontend requirements for HD playback

Simon Allcorn simon.allcorn at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 11:07:41 UTC 2008

I think the key question that needs to be asked here is what kind of HD are
you trying to play ? i.e. what is it encoded as ?

HD content (1080p) from the BBC in the UK uses H.264 with some profile or
other (can't remember which one atm*) that needs *lots* of CPU power behind
it to de-code correctly in real time (e.g. a 2.4Ghz core duo), however if
you re-encode this same HD file to be standard mpeg2 (rather than H.264 /
mpeg4) then you should be able to play it on much slower kit, perhaps even
your G5.

* I think it's 'MBAFF'
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