[mythtv-users] Status Update on SageTV HD Extender STX-HD100?

Brian Fischer brianafischer at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 03:59:34 UTC 2008

I am a little confused as to why interest for the SageTV HD Extender
STX-HD100 is lacking.  There seems to be all of the right features but a
lack of interest.  No discussion has occurred since March.  The source code
of the current product is available using the 3rd link below.

The following are the only articles I can find:

Please enlighten me on why this is not the best solution for a MythTV
frontend.  Is there a different extender that is preferred?

I would love to learn how to reverse engineer this product, but I don't
think a lot of devs would be willing to train me.  I would be willing to
donate with some others to provide a dev the hardware.

Hope this stirs up some discussion.  Thanks!
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