[mythtv-users] Screensaver disabling

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 19:00:09 UTC 2008

On 29/06/2008, Andrew Berry <andrewberry at sentex.net> wrote:
> On 28-Jun-08, at 10:26 AM, Tom Dexter wrote:
> > Why would you have to do any of that?  I've never needed to.
> >
>  After a bit of troubleshooting, it turns out it's only when mplayer is
> playing that I have problems with xscreensaver. The console says it's
> enabling xscreensaver support, so I'll have to see why it's not waking up.
> The irexec solution should be a quick way to get around it for now.

Try adding '-stop-xscreensaver' to your mplayer command line.

Nick Morrott

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