[mythtv-users] Screen Adjustment?

Alen Edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Sun Jun 29 16:02:47 UTC 2008

mlists wrote:
> I remember seeing a new menu item that allowed me to adjust or shrink
> the menu screen.  In the instance of my TV being overscanned too much
> and not adjustable, this item allowed me to shrink the gui down a bit so
> I could see the tick boxes on the edge, etc.
> I am running trunk 16838.  But that menu item isn't there.  Which menu
> was it under (i.e. xml file). If I knew that then I can try and find out
> why that menu isn't being viewed correctly - I only have one custom menu
> and thats for Media Library.  The rest should be system defaulted.
> Norm
If you have an nvidia card the overscan is adjustable in the card 
driver.  If you want details, let me know.


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