[mythtv-users] MythMusic Question

The GUIGuy linux at finalfiler.com
Sun Jun 29 07:48:37 UTC 2008

Dewey Smolka wrote:
> Not by design.

;-) Tongue in cheek, but you knew that. "By Design" is known to only 
contract exclusively for another OS :-D

> What are your specs? Any chance you have any poorly formatted wma
> files in there? I have seen some of that type of file crash Mythmusic
> before.

ASUS M3A, onboard sound SPDIF out, 2G RAM, AMD2 X2, etc.. in other words 
reasonably mid to high range hardware. The system is generally stable 
and becoming more so as I get more conversant with MythTV. It's a 
combined backend/ frontend.

No, I have no wma files. Only MP3 and a few flac. Those crashes I have 
observed always involved mp3 upon loading, ie one file finishes, the 
next file is selected and the title is displayed and then Myth crashes.

Anyway, I notice Xine standalone plays OK. Does MythMusic use its own 
player or one of the existing ones, like Xine?


The GuiGuy

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