[mythtv-users] TVOverScan almost working. Where do I put the command?

Johnny Russ jruss at mit.edu
Sun Jun 29 00:47:38 UTC 2008

> Anyone know what the equivalent file would be called on Mythbuntu 8.04?
>  (.Xclients is not on my system)

You can put stuff in the /home/mythusername/.xinitrc on Mythbuntu 8.04. I
would just run nvidia-settings when you are logged in. Then you can set
things how you want without having to guess. It will save the settings to a
file in your home directory called .nvidia-settings-rc. To get
nvidia-settings to load the settings in this file when you log in I just put
"nvidia-settings -l" in my ~/.xinitrc

Also on Mythbuntu there is a directory /etc/X11/Xsession.d where scripts are
stored that should run when X starts. You could name your script
98nvidia-settings or whatever you want. The number will be used to determine
the order that the scripts are run, 98 will put it as the next to last to
run. I haven't tried running nvidia-settings in here but it should work.
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