[mythtv-users] mythvideos file problem on 0.21

Matt Nelson matt at frozenatom.com
Sat Jun 28 04:09:36 UTC 2008

You prob need to run the "Video Manager" at least once.  Yes I know that you
have it set to get "Newly scanned
videos available by default" but I just worked with the same time of thing
tonight, and I believe that I had to run the manager in order for it to have
an initial data set to work off of...

On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 4:29 PM, James Pifer <jep at obrien-pifer.com> wrote:

> Ive upgraded my backend to 0.21 and also split the FE onto another
> system. The FE has the mythtv directory mounted through NFS to it's
> own /mythtv.
> On the old frontend (running on the backend server) mythvideos has:
> directory set as /mythtv/mythvideos.
> Listing view
> Allows "Newly scanned videos available by default"
> If I run mythvideos on this machine it finds /mythtv/mythvideos as it
> should. It also has no problem scanning and allowing use of newly found
> files.
> The new FE has the same settings and has the backend files NFS mounted
> to /mythtv. I can browse the files just fine, but when I run the FE and
> try to go to mythvideos it doesn't find any. If I uncheck "Newly scanned
> videos available by default", then mythvideo works, presumably because
> it's getting the listing from the database, but also has a weird path to
> the videos. Instead of /mythtv it's /Video root/Unknown
> Prefix/mythtv/etc/etc.
> Question, if I have it NFS mounted, and I can browse the files just fine
> outside of the FE, why does the FE not see them correctly.
> Hope that made sense. Anyone know what the problem could be?
> Thanks,
> James
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