[mythtv-users] IR keyboards?

Raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 03:32:43 UTC 2008

Jason Weida wrote:
> Phil,
> I became interested in this idea and just FYI, the linked IR keyboard 
> from Kevin:
> http://www.pctekonline.com/skcomwirkeyw.html
> Appears to be the same as the Adesso which you mentioned may have issues:
> http://www.adesso.com/products_detail.asp?productid=151
> I don't have any experience with it, but just noticed the pics look 
> nearly identical...
> After thinking about it though, in my case an RF unit would eliminate 
> the need for line of sight for the occasional web surf from the couch.  
> Maybe LIRC is worth sticking with.  Is LIRC really that difficult to get 
> working (I have an HDHomeRun, but the IR sensor is broken, so I have not 
> been successful because of that).

What issues does it have? I haven't been aware of any... other than the 
fact that trying to teach it to my last remote may have nuked the 
remote... just gave me an excuse to get a better one :)

LIRC isn't that hard to set up these days. Nowdays I build it from 
source. It builds pretty quickly. You probably want to install setserial 
as well in order to take control of your serial port if you're hooking 
up a receiver to it. There are a ton of different ways to get IR to your 
computer and LIRC has drivers for tons of them. They have a list of 
supported things on their website. The Howto on the LIRC site 
essentially covered all the bases; I got it set up using just that.

Apparently in Ubuntu 8.04 it also comes as a package. I looked and it 
seemed to install everything fine and the LIRC service is running. I 
haven't bothered trying to use it yet though as I don't need it anymore.

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