[mythtv-users] If nvidia driver is disabled but in xorg.conf, is it being used?

Alen Edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Fri Jun 27 15:16:54 UTC 2008

Alastair Kerr wrote:
> allen edwards wrote:
>> System -> Hardware Drivers -> Nvidia -> Enabled=unchecked, Status="Not 
>> in use"
>> In Xorg.conf:
>> Section  "Device" 
>>     .....
>>      Driver "nvidia"
>>      .....
>> EndSection
>> So, am I using it or not?  If I am not using nvidia, what am I using? 
>> How do I find out what I am using?
>> My system is working great but it is time to get my projector 
>> configured, which involves changes to xorg.conf as I learned on my 
>> prototype system.  I took out the nvidia driver on the new system so my 
>> computer would boot properly (at least I think I took it out).  There 
>> was some kind of conflict that caused booting into low res mode 1/3 of 
>> the time.  However, I can find no proof that "nv" is being used.  So, 
>> before I go and try and modify xorg.conf, I would like to know how to 
>> resolve this inconsistency.
>> I can find no working way to determine what driver is in used in my 
>> searching.
>> Allen
>> PC
> I missed you last thread. Have you tried using nvidia-settings to 
> configure your Xorg?  I use this at work to configure a dual monitor 
> setup for monitors with different resolutions.  It might save you some 
> headaches.
> (Of course back up any working  xorg.conf files just in case...)
> sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings
> sudo nvidia-settings
> -Al
I turned off the nvidia driver to get my computer to boot properly.  I 
did some other things at the same time so perhaps it was a coincidence 
but it is working now and it would be better not to change anything in 
the driver area at bootup.

Also, to get my projector to work on the prototype, I had to write 
xorg.conf manually so it is no big deal.

I just was wondering how to tell what driver is actually being used 
given this conflicting situation.

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