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Sat Jun 21 03:26:05 UTC 2008

it as a true dedicated frontend, but the dev's have not had the time
to get around to this.

>>  and has some tie ins that
>> require a keyboard/mouse be connected.
> Though that shouldn't be required.  :)

but it is. and that's the issue.
my main frontend has no keyboard or mouse attached to it under normal
operating conditions, and the 4 people I live with, plus g/f's,
friends, etc. that come over a lot have 0 problems using it (except
for the occasional requirement to restart the frontend, which I have
set up the power button to kill mythfrontend and X for these
instances). I've had a couple instances with Mythbuntu where either
I'll accidentally run the Mythbuntu control manager from the Myth
setup menu and the only way out of it is to use the mouse or keyboard
(and yea, it was not intentional, but when it happen, PITA), and there
have also been instances were Myth loses focus and I have to Alt-Tab
with the keyboard to get out of xfce focus and back to Myth focus.
Both of which are not issues on my other dedicated frontend.

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