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2008/6/27 RoboJ1M <jim.neave at googlemail.com>:

> On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 10:54 AM, Ian Clark <mrrooster at gmail.com> wrote:
>> [snip my ramblin']
> Interesting, if I have the choice I will only buy ATI (or Intel) graphics
> chips because of their serious support of open source drivers (as well as
> there now serious support of improving their closed source drivers as well,
> they're now even providing linux drivers on disk in the box! 8@)

I ment 'nVidia chipsets' when saying the above, should've made myself
clearer there.

nVidia gfx chips are top notch, and a seriously good choice for linux due to
their excellent driver support.

ATI are improving. Actually, that's unfair, ATI are fine, but I have a
little niggle with my ATI part at the moment:


which is annoying but not a serious show stopper.

I also have vsync issues too. (Driving a CRT via svideo.) (The 'use openGL
for vsync' doesn't change anything either.)

> Hopefullly buy the time I have the money for all this a 780G mini-itx board
> will be out. *dribbles*  8)~

If I was rebuilding my myth box it would be a 780G and a Tri-core phenom, I
was really impressed with the one I built for a friend. (Independant core
clocking is nice.) It used about 90W idle, and 110W under load.

> In my decade of PC building experience I too have sworn by the rule of
> spend-the-money-on-the-board-and-the-psu.
> I've found:

I've also been building PCs for a similar time, and the PSU is the most
overlooked part of the PC. If you're PC doesn't weigh a ton (well, you
know...) then it's not good. ;p

> 1) Cheap board + Cheap PSU = BAD
> 2) Good board + Cheap PSU = BAD
> 3) Good board + Good PSU = GOOD
> But I have yet to try:
> 4) Cheap board + Good PSU = ????
> Asrock. I know a man who owns an Asrock board with an Enermax PSU and he
> says it's flawless.
> Although I realise that Asrock, although a budget manufacturer, is a sister
> company of one of the good manufacturers.

Asus I believe.

In my opinion cheap boards are just more of a risk, you may get a good one,
but the chances are if it's cheaper it's had less design and has poorer
quality components, it's likely, especially under heavy load, that thse
might conspire to trip you up with some really odd errors.

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