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Ian Clark mrrooster at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 09:54:59 UTC 2008

2008/6/27 Sarah Katherine Hayes <sarah at sarahhayes.is-a-geek.net>:

> It looks good, however Jetway, ECS & Foxcon boards are to be avoided
> unless their is very little alternative.

Agreed, First PC had a jetway mobo, never again. (Personally, I've had good
expeience with abit over the years.)

[snip SIS]

> I'm not going to bash AMD or the various chipsets that support either
> CPU manufacturer, but to be really honest I have had zero issues, not
> drivers, not weird issues, not even the odd 'well that's too new' with
> Intel chipsets.

I have. :) This is no reason to not use them though, they do a good
motherboard chipset do intel. However, the current modern stuff from AMD is
just as good. (Not so sure about nVidia stuff, that's more aimed at the high
end gamer unles you get to the server class parts, and I often feel that
while performance is there the reliablilty/stability isn't.)

That being said, my current 'sat behind a seteee' home server has a DFI
board with an nForce 3. (which I didn't like when it was my main windows
machine, it just felt... flaky) and that's reliable as hell (even after the
fan on the southbridge failed about 2 years ago.)

My current myth box is a dual core AMD on an Asus board, which again I was
not particularly happy with as my main PC. (It's an A8N-E I think; it was
unable to maintain a reliable voltage supply to the cpu so no overclocking.)
Now it's the myth box it has some nice features (being able to stop the CPU
fan makes for a very quiet system.) however it's still a bit 'flaky', which
I've not narrowed down yet, but I'm blaming the motherboard as I don't like

That being said Asus do have a very good rep so I suspect I've just got a

I think any midrange board from a well respected mobo maker will be fine
though. Dont' go for super high end as they tend to sacrifice stability over
features, and low end probably aren't up to running something as demanding
as myth.

FWIW  I just built someone a HTPC (Running windows though) using a small AMD
708G mobo and a tri core phenom, and that was a lovely little setup,
although for myth that would mean dealing with teh ATI drivers. :|

That's admitidly on three laptops not desktops, but
> hey, universal chipsets (give or take).   Curiously the only board to
> come close to that level of 'just works' is a Soltek 'shuttle-esque'
> machine with an old nForce 2 chipset; I couldn't tell you if this is
> true of more modern nvidia boards or not though.

In my eperience consumer nvidia stuff is geared towards performance more
than stability. That could be just the drivers though. (I've a motherboard
that will blue screen windows if you disable the on board lan.)

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