[mythtv-users] Sound dissapears at peaks

Michael Skaastrup Michael at Skaastrup.dk
Fri Jun 27 06:49:35 UTC 2008

Hi all

I have a few Myth systems based on fedora core 6 and VIA Epia

They all have some problems with sound peaks. 

When sound peaks I hear a loud click and all sound mutes until a reboot.

My workaround has been lowering the volume.

Users also report that when going from recordings listing to live tv
breaks audio.

specs stuff:

Fedora Core 6
Kernel 2.6.19-1
MythTV 0.20.2-165

Hauppage PVR-500

I am suspecting some kind of hardware problem as there are no
indications of problems in logfiles.

Searching mailling list and google didn't give me anything useful so I
am turning to the oracles of the mythtv-users list.

Can anyone verify the problem and perhaps point me towards some kind of

Kind regards
 Michael Skaastrup
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