[mythtv-users] Myth 0.21 & Comcast (Oakland, CA USA)

Chris Niggel blastzone at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 17:37:23 UTC 2008

I'll be moving to the east bay in about a month and will be
re-configuring my myth box in the process.
Right now it's an ASUS pundit-r, intel 2.53GHz p4, 512meg PC3200,
250GB SATA W/ PVR-250 running 0.21 (Mythbuntu 4?).  The ATI chip
doesn't like 1080i, and it's a bit underpowered for 720p.

I'll be moving to an Athlon 64X2 3800+ W/ 1gig & nVidia GeForce 6100.
I'll keep the PVR-250, drop in 2 PCHDTV-3000s, and double the HDD to
500GB.  This should provide the horsepower for a reasonable go at

I've played around a bit with OTA digital with Adelphia in the
Northeast US, but I don't know much about Comcast in the bay area.

Any users on the left coast who can share pointers about what's
available over QAM, or hooking up the STB?


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