[mythtv-users] New and need help with how to do this setup stuff

steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Thu Jun 26 00:28:16 UTC 2008

C E wrote:
> Thanks for the responses, how can I find out if the TV adaptic will
> work with the software.  Also how can I install this on the windows
> system to check it out with out missing up the system
> Sincerely,
> Christopher


if you decide to go with mythbuntu and keep a small windows partition, 
the mythbuntu installer will direct you in how to partition your disk.

suggestion-> if you dont have a test box, then use a spare drive for the 
machine you have now..... take out the windows drive and use the spare 
to try out mythbuntu.  OR  run the mythbuntu live cd...... its alot 
slower but youll get a feel for it without borking your windows install.

PS.  bottom posting replies makes for easier reading for everyone.  The 
list is archived so people can search it for help.

Steve Reilly


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