[mythtv-users] Will mythtranscode or nuvexport be better for this case?

Johnny Russ jruss at mit.edu
Wed Jun 25 20:25:39 UTC 2008

I am sure this is covered somewhere but I couldn't find what I need in the
wiki or the archives. I simply have some shows that I want to transcode to
xvid to save space. I want them to remain with my normal MythTV recordings,
not in MythVideo. I want to be able to check out the transcoded version to
make sure it is correct and good quality before the original is removed. If
everything is OK then I want to replace the original with the transcoded

When I used the built in transcoder in the past it did mostly what I want,
but it imediately replaced the original and I got burned a few times with
poor quality or wrong commercial cuts. I prefer nuvexport because it leaves
my original alone. Also my backend is running on some old hardware and
nuvexport (ie ffmpeg) seems to run much faster. However, I am not aware of
any automatic or simple way of replacing my original file with the
transcoded one. Is there a simple way doing this, so I can use an xvid avi
file from nuvexport and have it in my normal mythtv recordings with all of
the correct metadata? Or is there something I missed about the built in
transcoder that would allow me to accomplish what I want?
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