[mythtv-users] Problem with MPGs

Stephen Bridges widget at stdin.co.uk
Wed Jun 25 16:33:25 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 25 June 2008 03:26:38 David Brieck Jr. wrote:

> You can try to optimize your db tables and check/repair errors. Is
> your mysql data on a separate physical drive from your recordings? I
> think when people see this problem it's usually an IO issue with
> comflag, transcodes all going on at the same time and everything is on
> a single drive.

I had an entertaining problem with one of those silicon labs pci sata 
controllers that has a bug in the kernel driver when used with via 
motherboards.  It was silently corrupting files, and the thing it did to tip 
me off was to start inserting end-of-file markers in the middle of files, so 
watching something would just stop with a "you have come to the end of " etc.  
But I was able to use "edit recording" to skip past them.

Just a thought.


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