[mythtv-users] Roku SoundBridge with MythTV?

Jeff Walther trag at io.com
Wed Jun 25 15:57:41 UTC 2008

> Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 12:30:22 +1000
> From: "Bill Williamson" <bill at bbqninja.com>

> On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 12:20 PM, Jeff Walther <trag at io.com> wrote:
>> Are any of you using a Roku SoundBridge to play music from a MythTV
>> back end?   I am wondering if this works.   Roku claims that the

> I own one, and it's awesome.  I actually posted about this a week or so
> ago...
> -It works perfectly with ushare (no lost functionality)
> -It doesn't work with myth for some reason (it lists files, but will
> never play them!)
> -Web Radio Stations are NOT handled through a server, they're handled
> through the unit itself, so they work even without any source
> whatsoever.

Do you remember the Subject for your discussion?  I looked through the
archive for the last month, but all I remember seeing was discussion (I
think) on the PhotoBridge.

Jeff Walther

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