[mythtv-users] PVR Hardware Build

Steve Heistand steve at heistand.org
Wed Jun 25 14:53:35 UTC 2008

I have a similar silverstone and am quite happy with it.
they are very quiet yet. opted for the version with the LCD
on front. this way I can control mythtv without having the
TV on if need be. useful for playing music. the menus show
up on the LCD.

the same MB and a similar cpu. older version but same speed.
you could find that you want double the ram. depending on
what all you want to do at once on the beast.

something to consider is dropping the 3rd analog internal
tv tuner and getting an external USB tv tuner. for no real 
reason other then most of them have IR inputs so you can
combine the analog tuner and IR remote recvr unit into
one. I have a IR repeater set up grabbing the signals
and the sending unit stuck in front of the usb tv tuner hidden
behind the case. The little black pyramid ones from the shack
fit in nicely to the black color of the case.

I would worry about the video card and HD playback.
but then from other's statements on this list it might
just be me having issues and missing something..

"Why is it so hot inside this handbasket?"
Steve Heistand
steve at heistand.org

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> After scouring the forums, here is what I've settled on for my PVR  
> build using MythDora and the key reasons I chose it.
> * case - Silverstone LC17 (good cooling reputation, style, extremely quiet)
> * motherboard - Intel DP35DPM (ATX, Northbridge Intel P35, Southbridge  
> Intel ICH9R, Auido chipset SigmaTel STAC9271D, LAN Chipset Intel  
> 82566DC; Supports Core 2 Duo (et al), 8G max DDR2 800, 6 SATA 3Gb/s, 1  
> IDE ATA100, Gigabit LAN, S/PDIF TOSLINK (optical) 5.1 audio, 1 PCIe  
> x16, 3 PCIe x1 (all unused), 3 PCI
> processor - Intel E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo)
> * memory - Kingston KVR800D2K2/2GR (2x1G DDR2 800 - PC2 6400)
> * graphics card - Zotac ZT-76SEH2P-HSL (PCIe x16, nVidia GeForce  
> 7600GS, fanless)
> * PSU - Corsair HX620W (modular cabling, extremely quiet)
> * tuner - pcHDTV HD-5500 (2xPCI, digital)
> * tuner - PVR-500 (1xPCI, analog)
> * hard drive - Samsung HD103UJ 1TB (7200 RPM SATA 3.0G/s, extremely quiet)
> * DVD burner - Lite-On DH-20A4H-08 (IDE)
> * Streamzap TV remote
> Comments welcome before I start collecting parts. Did I miss  
> something? Anything incompatable or known not to work with MythTV?  
> Thanks.
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