[mythtv-users] MSI P6NGM-FD with GeForce 7050

Andrew Hutchinson ahutchinson.mythtv at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 25 08:08:43 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to replace my current Mythtv box with a new one that is powerful
enough for HD decoding.  My current box might actually be ok, but try as I
might, I simply cannot get my FX 5200 to output in 1920x1080 to my 40" Sony
TV, so I think the easiest solution is just to start again.

I would like to build this next PC as small, quiet and power efficient as
possible.  As such, the MSI P6NGM-FD motherboard has sparked an interest
with me, however I can't find any information on this board on this forum,
and little on the net in general.

What I like about the board is that it has a Nvidia video card on board, has
both DVI and HDMI output (with HDCP if needed) and has loads of internal
connectors with the all important serial connector for my IR Remote.  The
board is cheap at 45 euros, so I could probably put together a decent system
for under 200 euros.

My biggest concern here is getting the video card (GeForce 7050) to output
at 1920x1080.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

If anyone has a better suggestion about what I should use to build this
system with I'd be all ears.  My concerns are purely HD playback and a video
card that is going to output at 1920x1080 without too much hassle.  I've
done quite a bit of searching on the topic, and really can't find a clear
hardware list that will fulfill my needs here.  If I manage to get this
going nicely and cheaply, writing something down about the hardware
configuration/setup is definitely something I'll do!
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