[mythtv-users] Processor Minimum Specs

jdonohue654-mythtv at yahoo.com jdonohue654-mythtv at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 25 05:27:29 UTC 2008

> > I have had a number of people call me crazy for my
> insane specs on a
> > mythbox. But I wanted this thing to be an end-all,
> I wanted it to run games,
> > tv, video, music, photo albums, etc.. everything,
> even at once if necessary.
> > 
> insane for running 2.4ghz? granted it could have
> been partly my video card
> (nvidia 8600gt these days)
> but I couldnt even do 720p HD playback on my old
> 2.4ghz machine.

There must have been something wrong. Right now I'm
watching live TV flipping channels on my HDHR. Top
shows one core at 32%, the other core at 0%. I have a
2.4ghz core duo and an nvidia 6200, running bob deint
with no xvmc.

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