[mythtv-users] Comcast to drop analog cable

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Tue Jun 24 22:48:28 UTC 2008

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Tuesday 24 June 2008 16:24:37 steve wrote:
>> Brian Wood wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 24 June 2008 05:25:23 steve wrote:
>>>> I would have stayed with DSL as a family member receives a substantial
>>>> discount on residential packages........ BUT....... port blocking, and
>>>> spotty service, PLUS outsourcing tech support overseas really turned me
>>>> off.  Not to mention the business packages which pretty much the straw
>>>> that broke the camels back started at $299. month.  thats just complete
>>>> insanity, and I made sure they were fully aware of there shortcomings
>>>> when I switched to TW.  10 meg, 50 bucks a month, no restrictions.
>>> Are you sure there are no restrictions? I've heard of several cases where
>>> service is described as "unlimited" but the cable company got uppity
>>> about a lot of downloads. One friend of mine was told he would be
>>> restricted to 10GB/month, this after he had signed up for "unlimited"
>>> service.
>> well, I guess I should clarify that... mail server, and web server, ssh,
>> ftp, etc... all work fine, havent run into any ports blocked YET.......
>> as far as the bandwidth, im not anywhere near 10gb month, I satisfied my
>> curiosity for dl distros years ago, and the sites get maybe 10 hits a
>> day. ventrilo server might get the bandwidth up there whenever my
>> youngest has his buddies over for a wowfest but that sits dormant most
>> days.
>>> TW residential service may also block port 25 at least, and I think
>>> you'll find the agreement you signed precludes running servers.
>> yeah, Im a renegade... lol
> A lot of ISPs, especially the cable companies, block port 25 on residential 
> accounts. This is not so much to prevent your running a mail server as it is 
> to render consumer boxes unattractive to spammers since even if they can hack 
> into the machine they can't use it to send mail. For most users who do not 
> want to run a mail server this is probably an advantage, since once the bad 
> guys figure out that a certain ISP blocks port 25 they may stop assaulting 
> their customer's machines.

Hmmm.  Mine (RCN) only blocks port 25 outbound, except to their smtp 
server.  I can continue to receive email directly.  All outgoing email 
*must* go through them on port 25.

AFA running servers, yes, my ISP says "no servers", but the salesman who 
sold me the account told me that small (non-commercial) servers would 
probably not be noticed.

That was true right up until CODE RED and they blocked port 80 inbound, 
and the later blocked port 25 outbound.  While the former only prevents 
me from running a WWW server on the default port, they aren't blocking 
https yet (nor any http on any non-standard port).  And the latter only 
requires that I send all of my port 25 email out through them as well. 
They are not blocking any of the usual alternate ports for these services.

> beww

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