[mythtv-users] Processor Minimum Specs

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jun 24 18:37:49 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 24 June 2008 10:38:32 John Williams wrote:
> >  I know my box can easily do watching one HD program and recording
> > another HD program at the same time. I haven't tried doing 2 recordings,
> > and a transcode job, and playback all at the same time though.
> I don't necessarily want all that at once, but I don't want to have to
> worry about something kicking off while I'm watching a show. I doubt I'll
> be recording 2 shows and watching one all at the same time often. I can
> wait a while to watch if need be.

Recording multiple HD programs takes essentially no CPU, it's all a disk I/O 
question as the streams are already encoded.

It's playing back an HD program that takes the CPU horsepower.


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