[mythtv-users] Is there an advantage to using a NAS vs local hard disks?

migmog andrew at migmog.com
Tue Jun 24 17:01:07 UTC 2008

2008/6/24 Kevin Kuphal <kkuphal at gmail.com>:
> On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 10:58 AM, migmog <andrew at migmog.com> wrote:
>> I did this. It has several advantages:
>> - Allows both backend and frontend to be diskless, booting off the
>> NAS, so less power used overall
> Curious how you have less power from 2 systems (backend + NAS) + drives vs.
> 1 system + drives?
> Kevin

Good question, but yes it did lower overall power consumption:

The NAS is a low power Maxtor Shared Storage embedded box, which I
measured at 7W when streaming TV to the FE and recording 2 channels
from the BE. Throughput was a problem until I tweaked the NFS options
to serve big chunks, then it ran flawlessly. The NAS replaces the
disks in both the FE and BE boxes. Can't remember what the kill-o-watt
said exactly, but overall it was definitely less.

I was hoping that I could use the FE + NAS without the BE even being
powered on, but myth doesn't work that way. The NAS can do UPNP and
mt-daapd serving, so it should be possible to view content in a
non-myth way on the FE, but my EPIA box died from swollen caps before
I tried this out. I've not replaced it yet because I bought a PVR box
that is capable of changing channels in a wife-friendly timeframe in
Live TV. It sucks at recording compared to myth, though. And it has no
web frontend. Hoping to try again one day, hence why I'm still on this
list :-)


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