[mythtv-users] Processor Minimum Specs

John Williams williamsbyron at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 14:44:05 UTC 2008

> Depends on what you want to record. The HDHR can only do OTA or unencrypted
> QAM. If you want to record cable or satellite channels that are encrypted
> the
> only potential solution at this time is the Hauppauge 1212. If you can get
> a
> working firewire cable STB that will work, but again not with encrypted
> channels.
I still can't make myself swallow the monthly bill of the HD programming in
my area, so I'm looking for unencrypted content. I watch mainly things on
local channels any way, aside from the sci-fi and Discovery I don't really
care for most of the cable I get. I dont have digital cable so I don't have
a HD tuner except for the one included in teh TV. I'm OK with just the
unencrypted stuff for now. If the 1212 had a tuner I'd go that route just
for later expansion, but I need a tuner more than anything. A single tuner
would even work.
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