[mythtv-users] Comcast to drop analog cable

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jun 24 14:24:09 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 24 June 2008 05:25:23 steve wrote:

> I would have stayed with DSL as a family member receives a substantial
> discount on residential packages........ BUT....... port blocking, and
> spotty service, PLUS outsourcing tech support overseas really turned me
> off.  Not to mention the business packages which pretty much the straw
> that broke the camels back started at $299. month.  thats just complete
> insanity, and I made sure they were fully aware of there shortcomings
> when I switched to TW.  10 meg, 50 bucks a month, no restrictions.

Are you sure there are no restrictions? I've heard of several cases where 
service is described as "unlimited" but the cable company got uppity about a 
lot of downloads. One friend of mine was told he would be restricted to 
10GB/month, this after he had signed up for "unlimited" service.

TW residential service may also block port 25 at least, and I think you'll 
find the agreement you signed precludes running servers.

But I certainly agree that $299/month is ridiculous, you can get a T1 for that 
in some places.

Outsourcing support is annoying, especially when the support people are simply 
reading scripts. The best thing about my business account is I get a local 
human being within 3 rings who actually knows what's going on.


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