[mythtv-users] OSX: Video display is zoomed despite settings.

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Tue Jun 24 02:16:19 UTC 2008

At 6:50 PM -0700 6/23/08, TJ Harris wrote:
>I have an odd problem on my Mac Mini, Mac OS X 0.21-fixes, frontend.
>The HD video plays back somewhat zoomed in, and I can't figure out why
>or how to fix it.   The effect is that occasionally scenes will look
>strange, or part of a person will be hidden because of the zoom.
>Otherwise, it's just the station logo that gets cut off.
>I checked all the overscan and zoom settings, then I reset the
>settings on my Mini (changed the frontend name) and started from
>scratch, but the problem persisted despite the clean settings.     I
>also ran Myth Frontend on my MacBook Pro, and it didnt have the issue
>at all there,  so it's not a source video problem.
>The display is a 720p LCD panel, connected via DVI.
>Has anyone else run into similar issues and have some suggestions for
>settings to tweak?

Maybe it is the TV?  I know at least some have 'per-input' settings.  We've sometimes had one input or another get into a zoom mode.  I blame the kids; that's a lot safer than suggesting my wife might have pressed a button!  Was your MacBook Pro connected to precisely the same input?

Other than that, I take it you're running under OSX?  Are you using DisplayConfigX or similar? 


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