[mythtv-users] OT Re: Comcast to drop analog cable

Peter VanDerWal peter at vanderwal.us
Mon Jun 23 14:41:29 UTC 2008

> peter at vanderwal.us wrote:
>> Wow, that's kinda spendy for slow data.  I have a 1.5mbps DSL with 8
>> statice IPs for $35 a month.  It'd be $15 cheaper if I didn't want the
>> static IPs.
> That's pretty impressive.  I pay almost twice that for DSL where I live,
> with 1 static IP.  Is $35 one of those teaser rates that goes up after
> the first year?

Nope, the teaser rate is $15 with dynamic IP, goes up to $21.  However,
because I wanted the static IPs I didn't qualify for the teaser rate.

I told them up front I wanted to run servers, they were like "good,
because the static IPs don't work with MSN so you won't get any email
service from us"

This is with Qwest.

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