[mythtv-users] cache for prerecorded content or way to push less data through

J jsweepstakes at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 12:56:38 UTC 2008

Right now, when I play my recorded content (yes even transcoded) it pushes
through about 12 MBpS, I'm looking for a way to do any of the following:

A) cache the data so that when the network throughput drops it doesn't start
playing choppie, or it stops for a minute (say with a loading screen or
something similar) so that its now play for a second, stop, play for a
second, stop

B) (really not what would be preferable) but a way to transcode the
recording down *just for the transmission* and then get rid of the lower
quality one when it is no longer being watched (or something similar so that
the original is not lost and the extra one is not kept around too long maybe
auto expired after a day like live tv?)

C) more recordings between the backends so that 1) can distribute space
between backends 2) can just play localy from local slave backend

any Ideas would be appricated, and if somebody can think of a way to include
the data balence between the backends in the housekeeping thread???


PS... does anybody know how the flash streaming in mythweb is going?
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