[mythtv-users] ASUS says toss my AMD board and buy an Intel board and processor.

Alen Edwards allen.edwards at oldpaloalto.com
Mon Jun 23 05:39:09 UTC 2008

Anthony Giggins wrote:
>> Thanks all for the suggestions.  I have upgraded the BIOS and the
>> first boot after that was a failure but they have been fine since
>> then.  I would say the jury is still out on that.
>> The interrupts look fine.  The air2pc seems to be on 21 and is alone.
>> The video card shares with a couple of USB ports.  I have nothing in
>> the ports so don't think that could be an issue.
>> The messages file is full of errors I don't understand, but all the
>> reporting on the TV card are clean.
>> I am going to try a different video card if the bios change didn't fix it.
>> Thanks all again for the help.  Sometimes you just get stuck and the
>> suggestions are great.
>> Allen
> If you have nothing on the USB ports try disabling the USB in the BIOS.
> Cheers,
> Anthony
Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I did the bios upgrade and switched 
from nvidia to nv for the drivers.  One of these or the combination 
really seems to have solved the video resolution problem.

What I need is a solution to the long wait for the air2pc cards to come 
up.  Everything else is looking good.


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