[mythtv-users] Compatibility with HDTV card

Harry Orenstein holists at verizon.net
Mon Jun 23 02:38:36 UTC 2008

I have an HDTV Wonder card (the original, PCI).  It works fine and the drivers 
load at boot without problem.  The issue I'm running into is that the 
firmware fails to load when mythbackend starts during boot.

One of two things happens: either the firmware fails to load with many 
messages ending in 'IRQ loop detected, disabling interrupts' or with no 
messages at all.  In either case, the driver is loaded properly, but the 
device is unavailable in mythfrontend.  When I try to access the cardinput in 
myth it appears to be in use, and unavailable.  If I restart mythbackend, the 
firmware loads successfully during the restart and the cardinput is available 
in myth.

I'm running Fedora 8 and starting mythbackend in an init script.  I've tried 
forcing the cx88_dvb module to load in rc.local, without improvement.  If I 
try to access the card using 'mplayer dvb://' the firmware then loads 
correctly and I can see video from the card, even if mythbackend is in the 
above 'failure' mode (but it doesn't improve access to the cardinput, I still 
have to restart mythbackend for that).

My only theory is that mythbackend is trying to access the card during the 
startup process while the drivers are loading, sometimes during the firmware 
load, which causes the firmware interrupt error messages.  I have tried to 
change the start priority of mythbackend from 86 (per Axel's script) to 96 
(as late as I thought appropriate), but that does not fix the problem.

Is anyone running this card in Fedora 8 such that everything starts 
automatically without problem?  Is it possible to stop mythbackend from 
trying to access the cardinput when it starts (so the firmware load is 
deferred until I try to access the input from mythfrontend)?  Any suggestions 
of things to try to correct my problem would be appreciated.


-- Harry O.

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