[mythtv-users] udev and DVB-T devices

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at optusnet.com.au
Sun Jun 22 21:39:47 UTC 2008

Nick Morrott wrote:
> If the two LifeView DVB devices are on the same unit - do they get the
> same signal quality and perform the same? If they do, do you really
> need to control their numbering at startup?

Yes and sort of. The problem is the PCI tuner which also moves - I gte 
completely random ordering including the PCI tuner being between the two 
LifeView devices.

I can create a rule to assign the PCI tuner to a custom adaptor but that 
still leaves the original PCI adaptor mucking up the USB tuners.

For reference the PCI tuner is the one I want to disable. Currently my 
signal is too low to allow three tuners to be on the circuit.

I originally tried blacklisting it but the modules keep getting loaded. 
Manual (rmmod) the modules did the trick but the kernel seems to ignore 
the blacklist when I reboot (I did a update-initramfs)

Last resort - I can physically remove it, but that would be a *major* PITA.


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