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Jeremy Young jeremyrainman at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 22 18:46:50 UTC 2008

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Alen Edwards Wrote:

>I found the search routine very picky.  I entered "Palo Alto CA" and it 
>returned nothing but "Palo Alto" returned "Palo Alto Airport", which is 
>what I wanted.
>However, when I then tried to run the 3 screens I selected, it painted 
>about 1/4 of the screen and stopped.
>So, it doesn't work here either.  I will be interested in what you find out.

Generic searches don't work for me. searches by zip code do not work for me. If I run mythfrontend as root, the search function seems to take a second or two, as if it is really searching, but still returns nothing. If I'm logged in as a normal user running frontend, It just stays at "Search Completed... 0 results"

>Phill Edwards
>This may fix it for you -
>It worked for me.

Well, that did something, it reset everything. Now when I go to the mythweather screen-setup screen, I am essentially back where I started when I first installed mythweather after the upgrade to 0.21. The screen setup screen lists no inactive screens, and no active screens, and the box on the right side of the screen has nothing in it. The only thing I can do from this screen is exit it, but if I hit "finish" it pops up with an annoying message saying "You haven't set up any screens yet, please do so now." blah... It is essentially a formatted screen devoid of information as to what to do next, and no amount of key-pressing will allow me to setup a screen. This is actually progress on this problem, believe it or not. At this point I'm wondering if the guy who made the package in the archlinux repositories didn't screw up royally.

Thanks again.

----- Jeremy

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